Out of all my occupations and design freelance work, Photoshop retouching and compositing have been my forte.  Below are some examples of Photoshop freelance work with various creative companies.

Please rollover images to see the original.


Victoria Secret Catalogue

Specific color correction, skin perfection, retouch clothing, remove necklace.

Stats LLC

Cut out headshots (for all NFL teams) and leave on transparent background.

Lens Crafters

Balance lighting, pop glasses rim and eyes, remove fine lines.

Volvo I-Pod Promo

Extend background and overlay music note.

Final Mock-up by designers at Plan B.

Volvo Promo Tote Bags

Change color to khaki and add Volvo logos.

Jelly Belly Soda

Change soda colors for each flavor. Composite jelly beans and bag with bottle.
WIT Beverage Company

Black Bear Soda

Change soda colors for each regular and diet flavors.
WIT Beverage Company

Mike ‘N Ike

Make Candy look like punching bag, overlay fruit.


Overlay logo on scooter.

Top 11

Fix perspective, color, kerning.

Vegas Sign

Fix perspective, drop on black background.

2 Boxes to 3

Create 3rd box.