A Life Is A Life

Under the theme “Firearms in Schools” for the SPACES America’s Well Armed Militia project, Graves instinctively needed to embody both the gun holder and the victim, whether it be a student or teacher on either end of the gun. The common denominators are the gun and the life.  A silent moment of chaos and simultaneous consciousness ceasing to exist is frozen in Graves’ body of work titled, “A Life Is A Life.”  This series are five canvases paired with five anatomical pork hearts, closest anatomically with the human heart, encased in resin that were shot by Graves with five different common guns owned by Americans.     

“A life is a life” – quote from NPR interview with 19 year old D’Angelo McDade, executive director of Chicago anti-violence group the Peace Warriors, about his work with student activists from Parkland, Fla.